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Sunday, December 16, 2012

vSAT # 17

trepidation - (n) fear; afrade.

I love horror movies, a lot of horror movies can't really scare me. But this movie really scared me, this is an epic horror movie, no matter is the sound track or the background, actor, story, are all fantastic. This movie really freaked me out, it is one of the best horror movie ever.


ubiquitous - (adj) Being every where at once

iPhone is a really ubiquitous in the world now, you can basically see it every where in the world. People want iphone even apple products sucks. I really wonder would IPhone ten look like this, this look like a TV remote contraler.


unwieldy - (adj) something that is difficult to use or handle.


A lot of time woman are really hard to handle, you don't know what they are thinking. You don't know what they want and you don't know how to treat them. Woman a lot of times are really unwieldy, especially woman from a rich family, so unwieldy.

usurp - (v) to take contral with force or power.

I hate apple products, seriously they really suck. But I got to admit that Steve Jobs is one of the most amazing person in the world. He is the first person that had the idea of Internet, but Microsoft had stolen this idea from him. What a jerk, now I suddenly hate windows for this reason.


venerable - (adj) someone that is respectable.

Speaking of the idea of Internet, I got to say if we don't have Steve Jobs we would never have Internet now. He would become one of the greatest man in history, or should I say he is one of the greatest person in history. Anyways he is a venerable person we've ever known.


vindicate - (v) To prove someone is innocent.


This makes me thought of this movie, why? Because this movie is about lawyers, lawyers are always people that prove other people innocent. But in this movie the main character became a true devil, he lost him self because of being a lawyer. That is one reason I don't want to be a lawyer.

visage - (n) a person's outside or face.

A lot of people would look at the out side of a person and they always forgot to look at the inside of a person. Sometime a person's inside is more importent then the out side, that is why when we are choosing our wife we need to choose carefully.

wallow - (v) getting to into something.


Drugs are really really bad, say no to those things. It is no good to take those thing, if you got wallow into drugs your whole life would basically be runed. Sometimes when you have too much pressure or too much trouble you would start to take drugs, but remember it would rune your life.

wary - (adj) A person that is really careful.

One thing that makes TAPA one of the most awesome school is because most of our staff and students are really wary, capable, and smart. Like our principle Mr. Adams a person with awesome leadership, smart and intelligent no wonder TAPA is awesome.


zeal - (n) fervor for a person, cause, or object; eager desire or endeavor; enthusiastic diligence; ardor.


This is a picture of a bunch of criminals, I know it doesn't look like but it is..... You may wonder why would I thought of bad guys when I thought of this word. Because in now days you can't really find a good person now which is really sad. That is another reason why TAPA is awesome, TAPA's teacher and students are awesome, they would do their best to help the people that need help. What an awesome school.


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Vsat # 16

substantiate - (v) something that has proof or has been proven.

Sometimes students would have some missing assignments that are already turn in but the teacher had miss gread it. Most of the students would argue with the teacher about this and in the end mostly the students still wouldn't get a grade on that Assingment. This kinds of situation makes Mr.Webb one of the most awesome teacher in school. Because he created a system that wouldn't let students have any missing assignments, " NICE"

subtle - (adj) So delicate or precise as to be difficult to analyze or describe.

Sometimes girls are just subtle. I didn't mean their bodies are subtle but their minds. Most of the imes we just can't understand what girls are thinking, it is so detail and perfect and it's usually good, no very good thoughts. That's one thing that make girls one of the most wonderful creation that God had created for man.

sufficient - (Adj) Enough; adequate

I can't understand why people would want more things, they keep wanting more and more things. Why? I mean God had already gave us everything, he gave his one and only son to us, why would people want more? Sometime I think we need to learn to Be happy for what we have now, don't ask for too much things.


superficial - (Adj) Existing or occurring at or on the surface: "superficial damage".


I don't really like people in now days, because most people would look at people's out side but now in the inside. A lot of times people would look at other peoples outside but not the inside. That is so unfare to the people that doesn't look good. Fortunatly I am not that kind of person.

superfluous - (adj) Unnecessary, esp. through being more than enough.

This word makes me think of left over, leftover are usually superfluous. This also let me thought of the trip we went to ping dong during thanks giving break. Wesly get to eat some leftovers for his first night dinner, because his stomach had some problems. He was so made that night.........


taciturn - (adj) (of a person) Reserved or uncommunicative in speech; saying little.


Sometimes a lot of my classmates including me would or say things that are weard or hilarious. Sometime we would do things that would make people taciturn. Like last time I ask Mr.Webb about dying in the diary, that is super hilarious.

tactful -(adj) showing skill and sensitivity in dealing with people


Everyone had some kind of skills, but they never show it to people. Some people even have skills that they don't even know about. Try to find you skills and use them, it may be hard but once you have it, it's yours.


tangent - (n) A straight line or plane that touches a curve or curved surface at a point, but if extended does not cross it at that point.


Tangent is a word that you would see very often in Geomotry. It is one of the most famose word in Geomotry. Because with out tangent, you can't salve a lot of problems. Which is why a strate line is very importent in Geomotry, because without a strate line, you won't have all these different kinds of shapes in the world.

tenacious - (adj) don't want to let go of something.


Lovers are good examples for this word, they won't let go of each other. Sometimes I would feel sick when watching a love movie, in the movie usually the lovers are disgusting. Well maybe not to most people, but to me, I would feel sick when I watch a love movie.

transient - (adj) Lasting only for a short time; impermanent.

Again do not take drugs, it could rune your whole life. Drugs had killed a lot of people's life, but a lot of people would still take it. The feeling is only transient. The good and awsome feeling is only transient, it could rune your whole life when you totch it. No drugs, do not even try it.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

VSat 15

sagacity (n) - a person that had a lot of wisdom.

This is a very very old company already, people didn't really remember this company anymore but this is one of the best video game company of all time. I thought it got bought by other companies but it didn't, this company lasted until today. It is already one of the best video game company of all time, and I still like it's game too.



sanguine (adj) - cheerfully optimistic, hopeful, or confident: a sanguine disposition; sanguine expectations.


To be honest when I saw this word I was pretty shock, because I thought the word penguin doesn't have any words that can rhyme with. But now I finally found a word that can rhyme with penguin which is this word. Penguin are docile animals, they are cuit and they won't bite. I wish I can have them as a pet .......


sans - Without

This word means without, I think in this world we can't live without color. Because with out color we would lost a lot of things, things like emotion, feelings, thoughts. These things would all be gone, I can't immagine a world with our colors, that is why when I read "The Giver" I can't immagine the theme in the book, the community the main character live.



schadenfreude - To feel happy or laugh at people when they have trouble.

I remember in the other SAT words I use this guy as an example too. Last time I used him as an example because he has some weard additute. This time I used him as an example because he is a schadenfreude person. He likes to watch people get in trouble and laugh at them. I hated his additute a lot.


scrutinize - To look or check really careful.

In a crime scene it is very importent to check over and over again. Because you might be missing some importent things or evidence. Sometime I would think that being a police is a really tough and tiring job. It was one of my dream to become a police man, but now I totally give up. I don't even have any passion on this job.

shrewd - (Adj) Having or showing sharp powers of judgment; astute.

I don't know about English stories but I know in Chinese stories fox are always the ones that are shrewd. They are always the villain in the story, they would set people up, take all the good stuff and run away. They are usually cowards in the story, it's pretty sad because I really like foxes. To be honest they are pretty cute animals, I like them a lot.



sovereignty - (n) Supreme power or authority.


This is Qin Shi Huang china's first emperor. He is a very crul and mean guy, he done a lot of terrible and unforgivable things, but he also unify the words in china. So he've done good and bad stuff, if there no him, there would be no China.


spontaneity - (n) The quality or condition of being spontaneous.


Disasters can be really horrible but remember this is nature. Nature would could be very very scary, but sometimes it could be soft and kind too.

spurious - ( adj ) Not being what it purports to be; false or fake

There are a lot of stuff in this world that are fake, including money. Some of my class mate would spurious there parents signature. Some people would spurious some documents for home work and they would make them alike so the teacher won't reconize it.


submissive - (adj ) Meekly obedient or passive.

Dogs are man's best friends, they are submissive animals. They would be friends with you play with you and they are frendly and kind. Just look at this picture, how cute is this doggy. Look at it those innocent eyes and that cute little face, how sweet. I really hope I can keep a dog as a pet.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

VSAT # 13

pretentious - affected

This is a Taiwanese serialized drama, people in Taiwan are crazy about this drama and I don't know the reason because I hate this drama. One reason I hate this drama is because the story is really lame, the background and sound tracks are stupid and the actors, horrible. This serialized drama is just like the other serialized drama, nothing special. Especially the actors, they are all to pretentious when they are acting. That is also why I hate Taiwanese serialized drama so much, there are no good actors in Taiwan every actors are pretentious when they are acting.

procrastinate - to delay


One thing I hate about when going to another country is when plains delay. This word reminds me of a trip with my family to America, we were going to Verginia to visit my cosin. We land on Chicago and we found out that our plain to Verginia has delayed. I still remember that it was a misery when our plain was delay, it delayed for 24 hourse strate and we need to sleep in the air port. It wasn't fun to stay in the air port for a night. But we made it to Verginia safely.


profligate - Recklessly extravagant or wasteful in the use of resources.

I think every one knows who this is right? Yeah it's Tony one of my friend, but why would I put his picture? Because this word makes me thought Of him. He is a profligate person, he had wasted a lot of stuff already. He had a weard habbit, he likes to buy stuff and sell it after he bought it. I don't know what kind of habbit is that but that is definetly not a good habbit.


provocative - something that would make you weel high or exciting, usually drugs.


Drugs are not good for our body. Of course it is a terrible thing, it not only harms our body but it could also ruin a person's life. Hundreds of families are destroyed because of drugs, that's why I hated drugs and druge dealers. They should all get put to death by doing all these horrible stuff.


prudent - to be very carful.


One place you need to be really prudent is on war. You must be really careful or you would die easily, but to me I think we should be prudent all the time in life. Because we might done something really stupid and we don't know because we are not prudent. This word is really importent to me.

pugnacious - someone that is eager to fight.


This word made thought of this movie the 300. These Spartans are all pugnacious and unafraid of death. These Spartans are all really brave and strong people. Unfortionatly they all died at the end, but people would always remember all 300 Spartans and what they have done.

quadrant - Each of four quarters of a circle.


This makes me thought of Geometry which is the only math subject that I like. Why? Because it's the most easiest math of all. If you can understand all the shapes then you can rock Geometry, that's why I am really really good on Geometry now.


quantitative - Relating to, measuring, or measured by the quantity of something.


Usually to me quantitative are pretty abstract because you can't actually see the measure or the amount of stuff that you've used. It would make me thought of calculus because we would use a lot of calculus on quantitative.


querulous - ( Adj ) Complaining in a petulant or whining manner.


Sometimes there are problems that you would face in relationships, one of the problems are your girlfriend or boy friend are querulous. To be honest I really hated people that are querulous, they would complain complain and complain and they won't stop. That would drive me crazy, that is also one reason why I didn't really want to get into a relationship. Because I am afraid that I would meet a querulous girl.


quixotic - ( adj ) Exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical.

Sometimes kids are really cuit because they have a lot of imagination. Kids are quixotic, and this is one of the reason that I like kids. I remember when I was a kid I would usually imagin my self as superman, but now I knew that imaginations are not true, but it is really fun though.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

V sat # 12

novice - fresh, new, beginning in something.

I like to read novels, especially English novels. But one thing I am so disappointed on my self is that I read a lot of novels but I don't have much imaginations, seriously Thomas? Novels is this the only thing you can think of? What a shame.

obliged - Thankful.

Thanksgiving is one of the most importent holiday in America, in this day people would gather together with there families and have dinner and give thanks. Every time I thought of thanks giving I would always thought of turkeys. Usually on this day TAPA would have a long holiday, because I am not an American so I in this day in stead if thanking the Indians, I would thank God.


obtuse - a person that needs more time to understand or to learn something.


This word always makes me thought of Geomotry, I spend a lot of time to memorize these angles. Which is pretty painful. And after I finally memorize the names of angles, I need to start memorizing the statements and reasons which is more " fun " then angles. I don't know about you but I just " love " Geomotry.

omniscient - knowing everything.


Makes me thought of prophets, it seems like they know everything. They can know the future and they are usually pretty smart, sometime I hope I can be a prophet so I can know everything like what's the next test about. Though I doubt it.

onerous - laborious or oppressive

Girlfriends to me are always onerous because they are like princesses always asking there boyfriends to do this do that, and sometimes we are acting like dogs. Of course not all girls are like that, but most of them are. That is why I only been in a relationship once.


ostentatious - luxurious, extravagance, wasting.


aston martin is one of the best car in the world. This word make me thought of this gorgeous car because it sounds like it. When I grow up I'm going to get a job, a good job, I'm going to work really hard and I am going to get one of these cars.

parched - dried up.

This looks horrible, every thing is dried up and nothing is there. Fortunatly this only happens in other countries but not Taiwan. In China there are lots of places like this. That's why I don't like China.


penultimate - the least 2 of ........


This is one of the new stuff that Evernote had, but I don't really care because I don't like Evernote. Why? Because a lot of times it is just stupid. I don't know why you would need an account for Evernote, and sometime your notes would be gone for no reason. Anyways I hate Evernote.


poignant - sharply distressing or painful to the feelings

This guy is one of the character in League Of Legends. This guy would create a lot of different poignant poisons and use it to attack people. He is one of my favorit characters in LOL. It's just not really much people would try this character out, which is pretty sad.

precocious - early-maturing

One of the reason I can't get along with people is I am precocious. I am precocious on the inside but not on the out side. I always talk about stuff that are what adolts talk about. So I can't really get along with people.